Tankwa Town Taught Me This


Lessons learnt from 10 days living in the dust.

AfrikaBurn virgin no more.


The road to Tankwa Town will go on so long that you’ll think you’ve lost your mind. Because you have. A straight track of cracked baked soil and forsaken tyres leads the way into the heart of never ending dust. Ushered in by streaks of green blue hue behind and a kaleidoscope of pinks and yellows infront, the sunset bowed our welcome into the town of transient treasures.

I wrang the gong and gleefully slipped all the way down the slippery rabbit hole to a 10 day  desert wonderland.

Here’s a little of what I learnt in my time as a barefoot desert dweller.


There are no coincidences, every person you meet, every experience you greet has been perfectly crafted for progress down your chosen path.

Life is an odd assortment of happenings, hash ups and some helluva weird sh*t.

Everyone is looking for love. Some look in the most desolate of places, some drink from a cup half full and make do. Many must realize that the only true love resides in the self.

Man made beauty of extreme proportions still don’t got nothing on the most divine designer – Miss Mother Of Nature. Through flame we see into the artworks’ soul.

Western spirituality can be a superficial, frivolous affair.

Everything is transitory.

A person’s beauty and magic is theirs to hold, it can’t be possessed.

The need for a daily shower is a complete myth.

Social conditioning can be as easily unravelled as it is sewn.

To know who you are and what you want is the greatest gift in life.

You’re never too old to play.

Your emotions are nothing more than outward reflections of the thoughts you create.

Your life depends entirely on your perspective.

In every moment in your life you have the choice to be exactly who you want to be.






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