MONEY – so what about it?

  Hear me out here. I want to change the way you think about money. Forever. Because the way we think about money is wrong. And the way we think about money is the only reason we don’t have the money we want.   It’s got nothing to do with our education, our parents’ education, […]

Uncle and Me

Lessons learned from an old Sri Lankan man.     Current location: Unakuruwa, down South Sri Lanka. As I sit seaside, wind in hair, clouds circling above, I await the lift of the Southwest monsoon so to start my migration to the sunlit gild of Arugambay. I have for my company the ink black song […]

There Are No Problems

What problems do you have right now? Maybe you’re stressing about an exam, or you stuffed up at work yesterday and are dreading seeing the boss, or perhaps you’re bone bummed broke. Problems keep us up at night, they drag our attention from the present, they suck the bliss and peace out of each simple […]