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On the bus home after 1 year 6 months traveling overseas I decided I couldn’t come home aged and aimless. I was broke, jobless, dirty haired, and I was wearing my mom’s old shoes on my not quite so clean feet. It was by no doubt a dismal picture for those not able to delve beneath. But on the inside was a woman who was now stronger, wiser, more learned and less jaded. A girl who had set out only for Bali and then traipsed through 7 countries and three continents before even considering coming home. Now a woman who was starting to really realise what she wanted and that a normal existence of security and predictability wasn’t going to create that. Coming home as a wanderer who saw the world in a forevermore expansive way.

I had to come home with the guide on living the life of my dreams. Not a smidgen less would suffice as testament to the incredible adventures I’d been on and the myriad mystically inspired thoughts swirling through my head.


Travel does this to you.


So I wrote down my 5 year. 10 year. retirement plan.


And it turns out I don’t have to wait to do any of those things to live that life now. Everyday I have the choice to live my life the way I want to. So during my first dusk of the homeland, as the golden fields of farmlands gilded in the late setting sun and the ouma next to me spoke baie lekker Afrikaans, it all started to make sense. I was piecing the pieces of my life together and seeing, for the first time, the gap between me and my dreams as much, much smaller. I share this so you can experience it too.

So here it goes guys… here is my Practical Guide on How to Live Your Life.


1. Have faith in yourself




The only thing standing between you and your ideal life is you. As soon as you can step out your own way, the road to success seems much shorter. Hand everything over to the universe, that’s the only leap you have to take. Complete faith that anything is possible. It seems like a big one to believe but it’s true. Don’t concern yourself with the process, it’s not important. All you need to do is focus your mind on the end goal and how exquisitely you are already living this life right now.

Trust that you can live any life that you want. 


2. Say thanks everyday 




At every day break, every mouthful, every step and every windfall. Say thanks when the sun shines, the wind blows, the skies rain, say thanks that you feel happiness, guilt and shame. Say thank you for having every moment perfectly presented to you exactly the way it intends to be and you need it to be. Accept in every instance that precise point in time is exactly as it ought to be right then. You will feel immense peace wash over you. And say thanks for all the lessons and blessings you experience everyday. They are one and the same.

Declare daily that you have “gratitude, abundance, peace” (GAP).


3. Value your relationships




When choosing who you spend your time and energy with, think about the exchange that occurs. Do you feel light, uplifted and inspired afters or do you feel down and drained? Who we are is in direct proportion to the people we spend the most time with. Create your crew from like-minded souls who are getting far in life. Coat tail yourself onto their stardust trail and learn along as you go. What you selflessly put into these relationships will come back to you in some or other beautiful and helpful way.

Go deep and reap from the fountain of true loyalty.


4. Stick to one idea 




In yoga you ought to keep your drishti (gaze) fixed on one point. Moving the head and eyes signals to the brain that there’s danger abound. The same comes true when you are manifesting your reality. Don’t keep jumping ship and swimming over to the next succulent thought. You confuse your communication channels so much so that what you want can’t get heard above the noise. You can only truly live your destined life when you settle on what that destined life is and you use all your power to bring it forth. Once you are safely skipping down that one idea path, go back to no1 have faith in yourself.

Converge all delightful detours to one definite direction.


5. Manifest in the present 




Never ask for what you want. You’ll never get it.  You have to Be.Do.Have. Don’t for one second think you have to do to have so that you can be. If you want to attract something into your life you have to already be living that life. If you ask for something, you are expressing a lack of that certain thing so you will never draw it towards you. Rather say your thanks for all that you have. Knowing with complete confidence that everything you ever wanted you can simply think into existence.

Manifest from a place of already having not of wanting. 


And dude, stay positive.





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