MONEY – so what about it?


Hear me out here. I want to change the way you think about money. Forever.

Because the way we think about money is wrong. And the way we think about money is the only reason we don’t have the money we want.


It’s got nothing to do with our education, our parents’ education, the opportunities we’ve been given or the opportunities we have missed. It has zilch to do with our nationality, our skill set, our network or lack thereof. And it nothing to do with the zero amount of money we have in our bank account right now.

Abundance is a state of mind, not a state of wealth.


And I want to teach you three valuable lessons I have only recently started learning myself, but that have had the most incredible effect on my life.

I want to teach you about the mindset of abundance and it goes a little like this:


1. Live like you are rich



To attract what we want in life we have to live like we are already experiencing it. So if you want to be rich, live like a rich person. This doesn’t mean tricking yourself into thinking you have more money than you do or making unnecessary purchases on a whim, what this means is, approach each situation in your life from a place of abundance.


For example, how often do you walk into a shop and immediately start telling yourself about all the things you can’t afford, or skip over menu items in a restaurant that aren’t within your Monday Burger Special budget. Next time you enter a shop, try telling yourself you can afford absolutely anything you want. Start to feel good about money.


I tried this out the other day. Before coming back to Sri Lanka I wanted to stock up on Superfoods. Now these are notoriously pricey so when I saw the price of Goji Berries was R50 for a 200g packet I almost lost my will to live (healthy). But instead of backtracking, what did I do?  I bought two packets instead.


2. See money for what it is



Money isn’t made from raw materials, and it certainly isn’t a tangible entity which controls our every action and reaction. Money is all anything is – money is energy.


Have you ever noticed that humans are the only species that pay to live on our planet? How bizarre is that. Money has been used to control, manipulate and suppress the masses for as long as its been around, but this prison we create for ourselves regarding how much (or how little) we have is self-created and, can as easily be destroyed by us.


As soon as we start viewing money as nothing more than an exchange of energy we realise that just with everything in the universe, the natural flow is for it to come towards us and to flow away from us. When we try to hold onto money for fear of losing it, we stop the natural flow and money stops coming towards us. We see this all the time with people who make millions only to fall into bankruptcy. To get money you have to give money.


So the next time you see a homeless person on the street, spare a little change. Better yet – give him a windfall and see how it makes you feel inside. When you give from a place of generosity the universe recognises this and rewards you by giving you more so that you can keep on giving.


3. Be honest – you want to be wealthy



Our biggest drawback in matters over money is that we have been brought up in a society that tells us wanting money is bad. Rich people are skelms (scoundrels), they’ve made it to the top by playing dirty and bending the rules, or they just made it lucky by being born with a silver spoon in their mouth. This is crap, they made it to the top because they were smarter than us in the way they think about money and they managed to break free from society’s pressure to keep us poor.


Why is is that we don’t learn anything about financial literacy at school? Why do our parents send us into the world with a college degree but without any knowledge of how to make, keep, and invest money? Why is it that it’s a taboo to talk about money at home or to admit that you’d love to be wealthy?


I want to be rich.

There I said it.

And I’m sure you want to be rich too.

And you know what? We’re not going to go to hell for being honest about that.


Being poor does not make you a charitable person. Being poor does not make you a more wholesome person. Being poor makes you poor. That’s all.

We all deserve to live a life of abundance and to help others to do the same.


As soon as I started changing the way I thought about money, stopped stressing over never having enough, stopped being stingy in giving it away to others, the most incredible thing started to happen. Job opportunities out of absolutely nowhere, and lots of them, started knocking on my door. I’ve been rewarded with ways to earn more than enough to keep giving and living abundantly.


That’s why I wrote this post. I’ve been wanting to write it for sometime, and I find that at the most inconvenient moment while supposedly tackling work for one of these new jobs, this post came streaming from my conscience. But I didn’t stop it, I didn’t think badly about it, and I didn’t try to control it.

Be the same with money and you will always have enough.


And my final advice is to READ THIS BOOK even if it is the only book you read this year.

It will make you rich in every way imaginable.

Here’s to a wealthier, happier you!



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