The Danger of Dreaming Too Big


I was always a big fan of this motto, until one day… I wasn’t.


I’m going to unthread some of the dream catching advice I’ve given in previous blog posts and weave together my new thoughts on pursuing your dream life. Bare with me here, this may go against a lot of what I have told you before.


But first, a little bit of context.

I am now living in Sri Lanka, my new home of island vibing, lazy hammock swinging and seaside daydreaming. After 28 years treading my track on Mother Earth I have realised what I want to do with my life. It took 16 countries, 5 career changes and a healthy dose of soul searching to reach this point. The result? I want to run a venue for retreats and rejuvenation in the jungled tea farm tapestry of central Sri Lanka.


In one rather insightful meditation session I received each and every step I needed to take to open my company and start living the life of my dreams:

  1. Build up my company’s social media presence
  2. Live as if I already have my company (law of attraction 101)
  3. Teach yoga and network in the yogi world
  4. Find land in Sri Lanka
  5. Open my physical doors


6 months in and I can pretty much mark off 4 of the above 5 steps. So where’s the problem? Well, somewhere along the way I fell into the trap of dreaming too big.


Let me explain.

Mamma Shanti (my dream retreat venue) is conceptualised around key concepts – shared energy and skills exchange, sustainability and stress-free living. Mamma Shanti is as much about the people who will help me build her as she is about the potential income she will bring.


The more I thought about her and the more I tried to bring her into fruition, the bigger my dream got, the more people I enlisted in making this happen, and the further away I was lead from my original concept. She had suddenly gone from a community of like-minded souls sharing a yogi life in nature to a hoity toity retreat business befit of the upper crust and requiring a whole lot of red tape and risk-involved investment.


Before I embarked on my overseas adventures over two years ago I promised myself that I would live my life stress free. Living to the lilt of island life in Sri Lanka, teaching yoga and working freelance as a writer – I have life pretty darn sweet. I have no envy for the majority of the yogis I teach – all on an average 10 day break from a hurried life back home in the land of offices, over-hours and under-holidays. But suddenly I was finding myself being pulled back into this box I’d fought so hard to climb out. Shortly after finding a 2 acre property, I put on shoes for a big scary meeting with accountants and lawyers where acronyms were flung about like nobody’s business and taxes were tallied in American dollars – and I realised, I’m not ready for this big business world – and maybe I’ll never be.


So I’m taking it back to basics and reminding myself of the core concepts of my company. I’d rather build her slowly from the roots up, allowing her to grow and bloom in a beautifully organic way while allowing myself to enjoy each small step of the process. Shoes flung aside and any need for dollar dollar bills down the (eco-friendly) drain.


So I say no, your dreams don’t need to scare you! In fact they shouldn’t. Don’t let anyone turn your dream into anything other than that first irresistible spark of inspiration you have inside. Don’t try to accomplish everything at once or let your mind run amok of everything that could go wrong or how much risk there is involved. Just take it one day at a time. Connect with likeminded people who understand and share your vision, take your time to grow your dream organically, allowing for subtle changes or fresher thinking. Give yourself the opportunity to make money as you go so you can invest on your own and take life easily as she comes.


And remember – don’t get so busy dreaming that you forget to keep living. Your dream life is happening right now. As long as what you are doing now is making you happy and leading you towards your chosen destiny – then just keep doing what you’re doing!


Ati Ati! (it’s enough).


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